Scotland must reject Tory and SNP austerity by electing a UK Labour Government in May.


That is the message from Jackie Baillie ahead of today’s economic debate at the Scottish Parliament.


Scottish Labour has tabled a motion rejecting Tory austerity, and their plans for extreme cuts to public spending in the next three years.


The party also rejects the SNP’s plans for austerity max. Their demands for full fiscal autonomy would see Scotland raise all its own revenues, creating a black hole of £7.6 billion a year, meaning huge public spending cuts or massive tax rises.


Jackie Baillie said Labour’s better plan means balancing the books in a fair way with taxes on the rich and protection for our NHS.


Scottish Labour Finance Spokesperson Jackie Baillie said:


“For the second time in less than a year, Scotland will decide the future of the United Kingdom. Scots can reject the false choice between cruel Tory austerity and SNP austerity max and back Labour’s better plan.


“The Tories’ plans would mean a roller-coaster for our public services, with inequality still scarring our communities.


“Under Tory rule we have seen zero hour contracts grow, while wages fall. We have seen tax on working families increase while billions are lost in tax avoidance.  Labour would end Tory austerity.


“SNP plans are Tory austerity on steroids. The SNP’s plans for fiscal autonomy, where only Scottish taxes would support Scottish spending, would leave Scotland with a £7.6 billion black hole that would have to plugged by tax increases or brutal public spending cuts.


 “Scottish Labour has a better plan based on a simple truth -; Scotland succeeds when working people succeed. Labour will balance the books in the fair way with taxes on those who can afford it -; bankers’ bonuses, properties over £2 million and a 50p rate of tax for those earning over £150,000.


 “Just this week Alex Salmond said the SNP would not support new taxes on the wealthiest few, showing once again that only Labour stands for redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor in this election.”


“A Labour Government is the best future for the UK, taxing those who can afford it to provide protection for our vulnerable, as well as opportunities for our young people.


“But you do not get a Labour Government by proxy. If you want a Labour Government you have to vote for Labour MPs. Only Labour is big enough and strong enough to kick out Cameron. Every vote for the SNP makes a second term for David Cameron more likely.” 


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